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Comms Cable Pinout


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Hello Everyone,


I am looking to get some 6pin comms system and will need the associated cable.


I have found the Granite (Stonewood/Metro) do the complete system, but find that their pricing on cables way to expensive. And I have seen on the Canford site that they do 6pin cables with the pinout of the following:


Pin 1: Earth/screen

Pin 2: +24V DC

Pin 3: Audio, circuit 1

Pin 4: Audio, circuit 2

Pin 5: Audio, circuit 3

Pin 6: Audio, circuit 4


So what I would like to know is whether the cable Granite sell is compatiable with the Canford cables. Or the pinout for the Granite Cables.


Any help would much be appreciated. Thanks

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Just in case you are not aware: there are two types of six pin XLRs and they are not mechanically interchangeable.


As I found out when I tried to use Telex cables with Clearcom beltpacks...

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No, Canford Tecpro and Stonewood dual channel systems both use the same 6pin XLRs but they have different wiring.


Stonewood wiring:


Pin 1: ch1 Earth/screen

Pin 2: ch1 +24V DC

Pin 3: ch1 Audio

Pin 4: ch2 Earth/screen

Pin 5: ch2 +24V DC

Pin 6: ch2 Audio


I suspect the Canford cable is 5 or 6 core with overall screen. You would probably get away with using this for the Stonewood system. But the correct cable would be 2 channel twin and screen multi (ie. two mic cables in one).


Some of the Canford cables I have come across only have the first 4 pins wired (for 2 channels). These won't work with the Stonewood system.

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