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Help me identify this Graphic EQ please


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It's on ebay, and cheap



No brand markings on it. On front panel it says EQ-531

Seller know no more about it.

Symmetrix have a EQ-531E which looks nothing like it.

The type face for the EQ-531 print looks similar to Roland.


Anyone any ideas?!


Seller says it hums when you boost the faders, but wouldn't say whether it hummed with no input connected.

And, it's obviously old, so may not be as good as something with more modern refined electronics.

On the other hand it is cheap


But, I've also just shown it to you lot, so no doubt if it is a good bargain someone will grab it before I do! :-)

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Is it really a good idea to buy an obviously old graphic equaliser, or unknown parentage and reputation - which might possibly have worn and noisy faders and who knows what other faults?


Also the £15 carriage charge - seems rather high - so put the money towards buying something good!

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It's on eBay and it's cheap (ish), but it's only one channel, it's old, it's probably not balanced, it's of unknown origin and the seller doesn't know anything about it except that it definitely hums. I don't think anyone will be snapping it up as a bargain somehow.

Save up and at least buy a Behringer which will be much better featured and dual channel! No telling whether it will hum or not, but at least you can send it back if it does! http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif

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I guess I am more interested in finding out what it is - especially once he admitted to the humming problem.

Previously he said he would accept £30 each (he has two of them) and I could collect so wouldn't have needed the delivery.

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