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Headset radio mic - need to be tough but good quality - any ideas?


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I'm having trouble finding headset mics that can survive the rigours of show touring. We currently use DPAs - they sound fantastic though they keep going down - they are just not tough enough - either sweat damage or the soldered ends of the mic breaks. It's quite a sweaty show and the actors are running around quite a bit.


Does anyone have any ideas about other options that we can try that are tougher? We can sacrifice a bit of quality for toughness but they mustn't sound terrible. (We've used Aeromics in the past which are built for Aerobics but they don't sound that great for musical theatre shows.) We use Sennheiser wireless packs so the mics need to have threaded minijack ends.


Any ideas would be really appreciated!




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+1 for this question..

I have an annual job of "spinning" classes (exercise bikes) in valencia's sun..

Looking for some mics I can attach to my sennheiser kit that are cheap.. they get SOAKED in sweat and generally bashed about.

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I'm currently on a quest to find a better sounding headset mic. Current fleet is "CPC specials" but I want something a little nicer sounding, if only for my lead roles.


I'm currently looking into the Da-Cappo mics. They look pretty robust & apparently sound nice too. Have sent some feelers out about getting one on trial, but still waiting on somebody to come back to me. LMC audio are stockists. I'm also about to try some of the Point Source mics, but I don't think they look quite as robust (and yes I'm aware that the point source ones are twins of the microphone madness ones).

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