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Making a coffin couch


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I'm presently costing up a coffin couch - using these as references.


I'm reasonably comfortable making the coffin chassis (from timber though, not steel. And with six legs, as listed in most descriptions, and not four as mostly pictured)


This isn't a prop, but is for a friend's living room. As such, it has to look the business.


Does anyone have any leads on coffin/casket hardware, other than ask a local undertaker or buy appropriate door handles? I'm not saying these methods won't work, but if anyone knows where I can purchase the genuine articles... As an example, I'm ideally looking for the long and short handles and corner pieces seen here.


Also, does anyone have any advice on doing the upholstery? It's not something I've tried before, and again, the final product has to look the business (and also withstand reasonable wear and tear, of course.) I imagine there's a bit more to it than foam and faux leather - like fire regulations to be adhered to, for example.


Any and all suggestions welcomed, except rude ones...


Thanks :)

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More American Casket than UK Coffin - will text a friend in the Co-op in the morning, see if he knows where they source the bits from - Shieldhall has a production unit that make big boxes - although CMHR does not seem high on their agenda.



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