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Soft or hard led screens ?


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Hello Guys


Just wanted to ask if any of you have any experience with the soft cloth LED screens, and if you think they are good or bad..


I am looking into buying something around 30 sq metres for general rental to mid-sized stages, nightclubs etc. (only manned rental).


so in your experience, how is the durability of the soft screens, compared to the hard screens, (both of chinese origin) and also what pixel pitch and brightness would you recommend ?


I have been looking at screens with 10-18mm pitch and 900-6000 nits brightness, but being quite a rookie at the whole LED screen game, I dont have much clue about what I really need..

I have seen the rules of thumb about 1mm pitch per metre of distance to the audience, which would suggest I should go for the 10mm screens, but there just seems to be a very big increase in price and especially weight, going from 16 to 10 mm pitch on the hard panels (I think 16mm is the minimum pitch on the soft cloths).


any suggestions are appreciated !


Thanks in advance !


Regards, Simon Jensen

Showlaser Denmark.

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HI there


We distribute the LED video/effects cloth here in the uk, and have a lot of experience using various pitchs.


The cloths are a lot easier for transportation,set up, and storage, as opposed to the solid screen option. They are also IP44, and fire rated.


The lowest pitch ive regularly worked with is 20mm, and that is just about as close as you can go before the cloth becomes less flexible, and quite fragile. Even with a 20mm you have to be very careful how you fold, and pack it. This wouldnt be a major issue if it was in a fixed install, or long term hires, but you are talking about a lot of regular work, so if you go for a 20mm or less, treat her like a lady..........


The 25mm however is very usable. a lot more flexible, and in my opinion the best option for a video cloth. What you lose in resolution is more than made up for in usability. It is lighter, and more flexible. This makes it a lot more durable, and a lot easier to rig. 1 man could rig a 25mm, you'd realistically need 2 men for a 20mm.


You are correct about the viewing distance rule of thumb, but on a 25mm,even at 10m you can still see what going on. (dont get me wrong its by no means HD)


There are 2 options for LED/brightness. The SMD5050, or SMD3528. The 5050's are around 30% brighter than the 3528. For indoor use the 3528 are more than ample. If you intend to use the cloth in daylight you will need the 5050, although in direct, bright sunlight even the 5050 will disappear.


Hope this helps

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Thanks for the reply !


I think I am going to go for the hard screens then.. I would really like to go for 20, 16 or even 10mm pitch, and as you say, even 20 would present a reliability problem with the soft screens..



Thanks !


Regards, Simon

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