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Spare Parts!!

Ben Lawrance

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I know this should be on the sound page, but I will get more replies in here.


I have a Peavey CS1000x Amplifier that needs a new sensitivity control (volume knob)


It was in the back of the van, and I kicked it (no not on purpose), and yes I know it should have been flight cased but I'm not that rich.


Anyway, does any one know what the part number is / where I can get one etc. I looked on the Peavey website, and didn't have much luck.


I was thinking about going back to Nevada in Pompey where I bought it. Whould they sell me a spare part??




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Guest lightnix
Whould they sell me a spare part??
They might, have you tried calling them ?


If not, you could try removing the broken potentiometer, metering across it to find its value, getting a new one from Farnell or Maplin and installing it yourself. I don't know whether it would need to be a particular type of pot for an audio application, but I would guess that you will be able to get a "generic" component of higher quality than an "official" spare part for the same money.


PS Wrapping your kit in bubble wrap and placing it in a stout cardboard box makes a good short term substitute for a proper flight case. It seems to work for several hire companies :stagecrew:

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{Topic moved from Lighting to Sound & AV on 9/5/03, 11:47}


'Fraid you're dead right, Ben - this topic is quite definitely sound-related and has nothing to do with lighting ....


Regarding your problem - are there any identification codes on the pot itself? Will Peavey provide you with a parts code? If so, I'd think it'll almost certainly be cheaper to get one from an electronic components supplier rather than from PEavey themselves.

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