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SceneSetter48 experience


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Got a Botex SceneSetter48 from Thomann a couple of weeks ago, and have only just got round to plugging it into our system, and found one quirk.


Functionality wise it does stacks, allowing 2 banks of 24 channels, chases and (hard to program/use in my view) scenes. All of which is just the ticket for what we want to do.


The only quirk I found is that doing a quick fade up/down there's a tiny delay and the fade is visibly quantised, i.e., goes in 2-3 steps. There's no problem if you do the fade slowly, or if you set the fade time to be, say 2 secs. I'm guessing that it's got a slow CPU polling through all the controls and simply can't quite keep up. Any thoughts about this? Is it likely to drive me mad?


It's not the dimmers as a simple Anytronics 6 channel fully manual controller is fine. I know I could/"should" have spent far more on a pro desk, but this chap was only GBP200...


Has anyone else used a SceneSetter that would like to pass comment?

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(I own a SceneSetter24 in the JB Systems Light Model variant)


Right ok… I don’t see exactly what you are getting at… are you saying without fade times when you use one of the scene sliders (I would called them a sub masters but they don’t seem like that on this desk :stagecrew:) and are just taking the scene up to full very quickly that it seems a bit jerky… and if you do it slowly or use a fade time it seems fine? This could be just the case that you doing it by hand (jerky) and not fade times (not that this is really a fade more of a scene flash up). I have never had a problem with my desk and never noticed this quirk but as my desk has just come back of a hire/loan I will go and have a play with it now… but surely this problem won’t annoy you as if you want to flash up a scene then you will use flash buttons and if you wish to hold the scene on then slide the fader up to full afterward why still holding the flash button then let go or if you want to fade up a scene it will either be slow fade up by hand (not a problem) or use fade times… ;)


Off to play with my desk now, will report back later… :** laughs out loud **:

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I'm hoping that you're absolutely right and that it won't be a problem in practise, as it gives you the tools to deal with the problem. It was just the first thing I noticed on trying it out, that some manual fader moves weren't as smoothly responsive as I'd experienced with my plebby 6 channel Anytronics mini controller.


Also, it gets me every time that it powers up with Blackout enabled & takes me a few moments to realise! :(


And then there's the manual! Couldn't believe I wasn't missing something, but got there in the end. :(


But still, for the money....! :P

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Sorry, haven’t played with my desk yet but should get around to that this afternoon…


Also, it gets me every time that it powers up with Blackout enabled & takes me a few moments to realise!  :(


Yep this annoys me as well but I think it is so your rig doesn’t suddenly come on when your system is powered up. At first I used to get worried that the DMX line was dead or worse the desk broken and this only a few minuets before a show with no backup desk or spare secondary DMX line… now the black out is the first thing I think of!!! ;)


And then there's the manual!  Couldn't believe I wasn't missing something, but got there in the end.  :P


I would have to agree the manual is not very good and confused me so once I knew which buttons did what I worked it out for my self… :(


But still, for the money....! :D


Certainly is :), but I paid £200 for only the 24channel version then they dropped the price a few weeks later... :angry:

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