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Time Macro on HogPC


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We have Santa coming at 9am on the 25th.

I'm not 8 anymore so I don't want to have to get up at this time to put a wash up.

Is it possible to create a time macro that will do this for me on HogPC?

If so, what is the syntax?

Or would it be easier to just use a really long wait time on a cue?

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[setup] - {Input Panel} - {24 Hr Clock}.


To execute an event at a specific time every day, enter it as a new macro in the Daily Triggeres list using the same syntax as you'd use for putting comment macros into a cue list. For example, if you simply want to fire the cue list that's sitting on master 1 at 9am, you'd need to highlight the <new> box under Daily Triggers, hit [set], then type "09:00>G1" and hit [Enter].

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Yes you can do the easy peasy...


unfortunately you will have to do it as a daily function so will have to set and test it on the 24th.


Set the cue you want onto fader 1 for ease


Setup>Input panel>24hr clock(top bar)


In Daily triggers, set, "09:00 >g1" where xx:xx is time and >g1 is a normal comment macro to trigger a cue list


To fade lights when show over again in daily triggers 'xx:xx >r1'




This will work on HogPC, Hog 500/1000 and Hog Playback unit but not Hog 2 if I remember correctly.





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