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Where to buy scaffolding structure


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Hi All,


I'm looking for a supplier to get 2 scaffold structures to hold a line-array, about 8 meters high, but have no experience in scaffold nor suppliers. I've always rigged line arrays from ground support but never from scaffold, a tour I'm working on has a low budget and from my understand we can build something for about $2,000 USD for a 8m high structure.


Any advice or ideas on who I can go go for this project? Thanks!

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Something along the lines of http://www.globaltruss.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ItemNumber=356&MainId=21&Category=63 is what you want, from what I can tell from your OP.


Note: You need to calculate the weight of your hangs including hardware and cabling, to ascertain the required SWL of the trussing system. IMHO, its much safer and stabler to go for something like this.

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