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pro tools 002 or nuendo with a yamaha 01v


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Hi all


Got abit of a query here and looking for some opinions.


Wanting to record a few bands that I work with and hopefully start my own studio.


Im use to using pro tools HD1 (control 24 interface)as thats what I used at uni so fairly confident in its use, however I dont have the cash to buy a HD system so thinking about the pro tools 002 desk BUT it only has 4 mic preamps and costs a fair chunk my other option is to go for a yamaha 01v and use nuendo or cubase3?


whats peoples opinions on what system I should go for?


thanks for any feedback

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If you are familiar with protools then how about the 01v96 which intigrates fairly well with protools and comes with 12 mic preamps out of the box, and with the addition of an ADA8000 for less than £200 you get another 8 mic preamps?



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I thought about using the 01v96 as a control surface for pro tools. But you still have to buy a pro tools input box, the oo1 and oo2 only have 4 pre amps the rest is just line level inputs, you have to go for the HD systems if u want anymore. HD is just way out of my price range.



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