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Zone mixer to compressor to crossover

obi wan kenobi

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Hi, is it possible to connect a Cloud CX263 to a dbx166xl compressor and then put this through a dbx 234xl crossover?


The system is fo a bar which comprises of a front room and a rear room. in total there are 6 speaker cabinets and two base bins. the system will need to be zoned fo instances such as private functions in the rear room but needs the compression for having live bands etc..


I am thinking of getting the kit to have a play with but though I would ask here incase it is a complete waste of time.



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Yes this will work, however do bear in mind that in this setup everything being sent to this zone will/may be compressed and, for example in the case of c.d. player from the bar, be detrimental to the quality of playback.

If its just the band/stage input you wish to control with the compresser then consider placeing it before the Cloud cx 263 on the input, which will also work.

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Yes you can do it that way,


alternatively if you have more than one compressor you can have


Cloud Mixer Zone 1 --> Crossover --> Compressor for Hi --> to amp

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . --> Compressor for Low --> to amp


this way you can individually limit the different amps which will give you much more control.

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