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clicking over intercomm


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I had bought some Production Intercom SMH710 headsets and intercom box earlier in the year. I later found out we have a telex system instead of a clearcom that these seem to be compatible with.


The person I spoke to though though if I bought telex boxes the headsets should work. well they do and they dont. it seems like sometimes as soon as you press the talk button you get a clicking sound. other times it isnt that bad. so my question is, is our problem simply the headsets are not compatible or could it be another issue. if it is th headsets, does anyone have any suggestions about another headset to buy. I bought these because one they were comfortable and more importantly only about 80 a headset.our system is old (around 18years), what would it take to convert to a clearcom system? would the established wiring work and just need new wall interfaces and things or whole new wiring system?


Thank you for the help.


Moderation: I just spent almost ten minutes editing your post to remove lots of html code that caused it to be almost unreadable. I don't know if you cut and pasted this from elsewhere or just tried to be too clever, but in future please try not to use anything other than standard bb code.

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