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martin audio ws218x


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Hi BR, can anyone tell me the standard delay and eq setting for the Martin audio ws218x sub with the w8lm in passive config? im trying to load martin presets into an xta 426, I have the spreadsheets for everything else, can't seem to find the ws218x. to flash the unit would be ideal but martin don't have anything for the xta426, only the 226 and 448.


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Have you got these spread sheets W8LM Line array and Sub Allignment don't forget about the tabs at the bottom, had a quick look but cant find it explained for passive but looks like 0ms for the subs and 0.101ms delay for the LF in the W8LM. I would use this on your tops to keep the LF's in line with the subs.


Hope this helps but I guess you already have this info




P.S I tried to copy and paste the relivant info on here but I'm no good at formatting on forums and it was all over the place.


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