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LD 90 issue


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A theatre in London where I have just lit a show have a single 24 way LD90 permanantly installed. We have had now four times where all lights have suddenly gone off, and we have had to turn the dimmers off and on again to regain control. The desk (an ion) is fine, and the extra dimmers I have brought in (betapacks) are fine.


The theatre say this has happened before and they have had people look at it who say that the fault is entirely due to spikes in the power supply, while I know that power in that area (Covent Garden) is a bit dodgy, I am pretty sure an LD90 should be able to cope. I want them to try swapping the processor unit over, as I would expect that that is where the fault is (all 24 ways go out together) but does anyone have any other thoughts/know a solution.


Also, if anyone has a spare LD90 processor in London over the weekend that I could borrow let me know!!





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We had that problem with two LD90 racks in a venue I used to work at. Seemed like the power modules became very susceptible to fluctuations in the supply. It got worse and worse until it got to the point of being ususeable. They'd replaced one processor module before I started working there and it worked perfectly for a few years then both racks started doing the same thing again. At the time, nobody was interested in trying to repair the modules, only selling us replacements for £££££. It worked out cheaper to replace the lot with hardwired betapacks, and as it was the second time they'd had the same problem we decided to go with the betapacks.


Sorry that doesn't help much, but at least it confirms you're not the only one who's had that problem.

The dimmers were installed above the control room in the top of the venue so the temperature and humidity up there when there were 400 punters in for a gig was pretty unbearable and I put it down to that.

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