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Berhringer Ultra Curve Pro DSP 8024

PLAZA / Grahame

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Has anyone had any problems with a Behringer Ultra curve pro DSP 8024


Mine is distorting when passing a low-level signal; this clears or is masked at higher levels.


I can only describe the effect as a grumble / distortion at very low volume levels.


Has anyone had experience of this fault happening at any time & any ideas.






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Hi Grahame


They all do this! Congratulations on having ears good enough to notice! I've seen them installed in a bunch of places and the in-house techs know not of the problem.


As far as Im aware it is digital zipping / noise introduced due to the low signal level hence poor sample resolution. The 8000 model did this and the 8024 was no better.


My suggestion - upgrade to the new DEQ2496. 24 bit 96khz quiet as a mouse, far more intuitive to operate, and a real audio swiss army knife (built in comp, limiter, dynamic comp, parametric RTA, stereo width, delay, oh yeah and graphic eq!)




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