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LSC Linklight question & LEDs


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Hi all,

Has anyone here got experience using the LSC LinkLight? I have one one order and I am on a strict schedule so I need to have all the bits ready for it when it arrives. We are doing Chicago, the musical, and I am making about 22 led panels of 48 leds for the faces of stairs on the set. Each of these panels will be dimmable separately, and this is where the LinkLight is going to be useful. First question, its unclear in the manual what sex the DB-15 connectors on the front of the unit are, does anyone know? Is there a current limit for the 10v analogue outputs on the front? Is the 10v accurate? are there any ideas for gettign extension cables for the DB-15 sockets(ie. male to female with x metres of cable between wired straight through.)


Regards David.

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