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Shure 545 Repairs


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Hi Guys,

Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section.. or the wrong forum altogether! I'm fairly new here, so 'Sound' seemed like a decent place to put it.


I've aquired an old Shure 545D which I would like to mend.. just for fun really, and because of its retro looks which I think are cooler than a 57.

Most of the work on it is basic soldering which I can do myself, but I have a feeling that the cartridge (a circle of clear plastic with a red metal coil attached) is damaged beyond repair.

So, is it possible to buy replacement parts for this type of mic, or shall I just buy the replacement 57 cartridge and convert it to fit?


Also, I'm quite into these retro mics. Shure Americas still sell the 545 and 565. Are they available through a UK distributor?


Thanks guys.



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At the moment, it's probable that getting a new capsule from the US will be quicker and cheaper - because small packets don't always get noticed and you might noot get stung for VAT and import duty - but that's a chance you have to take.


There were two versions, one with XLR (rarer) and one with a Tuchel connector - which is the more common. They had low and high impedance taps on the transformer, and the wiring of the connector selected the correct one. I rather liked them.

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I've still got four of these, they work rather well. Three of them have the XLR connector and the forth has the Tuchel connector.


The XLR version has an internal plug behind the connector which you use to change the output impedance, has yours fallen off? This would stop it from working.


If you require a wiring diagram, download the spec sheet from here.




P.S. Freddy Mercury of Queen used to perform with a Shure 565.

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Paul it's very difficult to obtain parts for Shure mics from the States. Shure seem to have placed restrictions on some spares leaving the country! I have been trying to obtain an R57 replacement capsule for SM57 for some time but with no luch. No one will supply me :(


Alessio, I would suggest replacing the diaphpram is a very specialised job and not for the faint hearted. I have only done it once, although it was sucessful, with the diaphram coming from another 545 mic wich had a damaged plastic thread. They are a great mic, with a very smooth sound...great for percussion.





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SO basically I've got little or no chance of getting this new cartridge? Hmm, disappointing. Ah well, I may just use the working bits for spares/repairs.. I've got a broken '58 that I might play around with and try a transplant with ;)


Also, am I to assume that it's nigh on impossible to source a new 545/565 in the UK?

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