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MX70, camera, video setup help


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Hey all


Firstly, thanks for any help anyone can give on this. I'm sure its simple stuff but just wanted to ensure its all going to work and I'm not going to run into problems, also just a couple of questions .....


This weekend coming the organisation I'm part of are hiring the following to film a basketball match:

Panasonic MX70

3 Sony PD170's

and all the necessary cabling to connect those up.


However I also want to have another input from a computer to show scorers when they score, and if possible, although not mandatory, to show a live score in the top of the mixed feed.

I can output from the computer in S-Video, so I am guessing that I can just put that straight into the mixer, and have that as another source. I;ve been told I could have a slight quality issue with scaling in the mixer and it would be better to scale on the computer before output - but (a) I'm a little unsure exactly what that means, and (b) if it would be a problem with a single still image being shown?

The scorer data should be fine from there, as its just a single feed, no keying etc, however for a live score ontop of the video - can I do this with some chrome keying on the mixer?

If not its not a real problem, but if we can then would be good to know.


I want to take 2 outputs from the mixer - one to record the mixed video feed, and another to go to 2 large projection screens.

The mixer to projectors should be fine, but I'm a little worried about recording the final output onto computer / DV tape.


I haven't got a DV recorder, but have got a computer with S-Video in (running either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier). Can I just output from mixer, to computer capture card, through adobe to record?


Thanks a lot for any knowledge / advice anyone has on this.





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You seem to pretty much have it covered.


the computer will be fine on svideo

svideo recording via computer will possibly be a bit of a problem as it will be uncompressed and make big files and cause possible dropped frames, I would rent a dv deck or extra pd170 to record on.


you can key on the MX70 - it has a DSK so you can add your live score ontop of the mix. this is a bit tricky to setup (ages since I've had to use an MX70 so I can't remember the steps - the manual possibly explains this though)

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Thanks Tom, that gives me some re-assurance. I'm only picking up the kit the day before filming, thus the internet help to give me some confidence :)


Does the MX70 have 2 outs - and if so what are they? Just thinking of what cables I'll need from the MX70 to project, and MX70 to computer.


Thanks for any help guys

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you can key on the MX70 - it has a DSK so you can add your live score on top of the mix. this is a bit tricky to setup (ages since I've had to use an MX70 so I can't remember the steps - the manual possibly explains this though)
I think you might struggle with the DSK unfortunately. From memory, and confirmed by a quick look in the manual, it's component only, rather than composite or svideo; doesn't have its own frame synchroniser, and expects it to be synchronous with the mixer. It's also a bit unclear if you can luma key on the DSK, although it looks like you might be able to, if not you'd need an external key signal too.


You can key between the main buses with chroma or luma key, although personally I never got on too well with them, and preferred using an V4 downstream. However if you use the main buses, again they only have a synchroniser each, so you couldn't change what the score is keyed over without it jumping (as you can't lock the PD170s to the mixer). If you went down this route, you might be able to make it a bit easier to work by saving the keying setup as a preset, so you could go to a wide shot or closeup as appropriate, load the preset to overlay the score for a bit, then remove it and go back to normal mixing.


The MX Navi software might let you do some stuff, but I've never tried it myself.


Following on from what Tim said, the mixer has two main outputs, and also a preview, although that's composite only.


A few other things to consider, if you get the overlay working, do you want it burnt onto all the stuff you're recording into the computer, or would you rather that was clean? Also it might be worth sticking tapes in one or more of the cameras if you're editing it later, to give you a bit of backup and cover any mixing issues or other minor things, it depends how important the recording is.

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If you want to get the dsk working for your graphics then rent a VGA to video scanconverter such as a sony DSC-1024g this will give you a component out from your computers VGA. you'll be able to sort the sync issues either by using the composite out of the scanconverter into the ref-in on the mx50 or by taking the blackburst out of the mixer into the genlock in on the scanconverter.


the mx70 is quite horrible in some ways so doing the above is only advisable if you have a few hours of time to mess about with stuff.




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