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Pulse Headset (CPC) & Trantec S5.5 wiring


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Good folks of the Blue Room,


I'm wanting to recycle some of my better headsets, and use them with my new Trantec S5.5 System.

My old Lemo connectors just used pin 1 (gnd) and Pin 3 (AF/Phantom VCC).


With the new Mini-XLR Flying Socket on the S5 series, please could a knowledgeable person advise if I have to

link pins 3 & 4 together and add the 10Kohm bias resistor between pin 2 and 3&4.

Or is a different value resistor recommended for the Pulse Headset? (I've seen 2K2 on some, abeit headsets for Shure systems, (I think))....


Many thanks



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I can confirm lamplighters connection detail for the 4 pin XLR my only comment would be that we have found that due to the movement of the cable socket pins connections to the resistor can crack we actually fit a small piece of double sided board to hold the socket pins in place


hope that helps

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