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Le Maitre Stage Fogger DMX - no output


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Hi all. We have a Le Maitre Stage Fogger DMX that is rarely used. I pulled it out a week ago, poured in about a 1/4 tank of fresh fluid, and turned it on. The heater works fine, but no smoke. I replaced the 'rapid change technology' copper tubing - and still no smoke. I hear and see the pump working (vibrating at least) but when I squeeze the supply tube coming from the tank to the pump, there is no resistance which leads me to believe it is not pumping fluid. The copper shouldn't be crimped, the tubing looks clean. I even took the tube out of the fluid tank and washed out the copper filter on the end - I blew through it and could force air (although it did take a lot of force).


Anything else I should look at? I'm probably not up to replacing the pump, so if that's the issue I'll have to take it to a shop.


Thanks for whatever you can offer.



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