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advice required - powered moniters


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heya, looking for some advice on powered moniters for band use for front of house in smaller venues and moniters in larger venues, im a cabs and amp person myself and dont really use that many powered moniters hence I need some advice on my choice, the budget is £950 top end for a pair of abs cabs and im looking for 12" driver with compresion horn


The two I have been recomended by contacts are the...

- DB technologies basic 200

- Mackie SRM350


I know both of theese companies are owned by RCF but it is my understanding the speakers are still designed and produced independently ?? so they are diffrent ?? anyway the Db ones I can get for just under 900 and the mackies are 950


are the mackies worth the extra? has anyopne got either of these? and can anyone recomend me something in that price bracket that will do the same job better?


thanks alot for your time ;)


Tom Chennells

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The Mackies are super so much so we have 10 pairs in our hire stock, great little speaker for PA and monitor use... but not as super as they were before production was switched to China. They are not using the RCF drovers any more, so don't sound quite as smooth.


Worth looking at the FBT Maxx4, very detailed, very punchy, very bright, and frankly I think they now beat Mackie for sound quality. Also a little cheaper and no supply problem either.




ps As you are in Surrey - if you want to listen to both of these please feel free to get in touch.

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