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12 x 9 4:3 Projection Screen


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Just wondered if anyone could recomend a projection screen. I am looking for a 12 x 9 4:3 white screen that is motorized. It is to be installed behind a pros arch. Preferably I would like to havge a hard wired control as I work with teachers, who are likely to loose a remote control :). No offence to any teachers


Any help would be great. There are a load of different manufactures and types out there, not sure of the quality of any of them.





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Id recomend A Screen International 4m /3m which obviously youd buy from us.... it will cost four figures but will last longer than the one from ebay for 199.00.

Whats worth considering is the header on the screen ie the black bit at the top between the casing and top of the 3m high white bit. assuming you want to mount this against the rear of the pros, you possibly need a longer drop than standard. This is something that comes up a lot, as you probably want the bottom of the screen nearly touching the stage so its a comfortable height for a seated audience, so the height of the pros is key here. remember that the more a screen rolls down, the more the edges curl, ive seem some dreadfull screens that have Extra drop built in and the look like an hourglass with the edges curling into the centre. If you really want the unlimate, go for a Tab tensioned screen as these dont curl, but you pay for it.

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