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TriggerPoint is a small piece of software that can run minimized on a computer and enable remote or pre-programmed automatic operation of PowerPoint presentations.


Possible uses for TriggerPoint include simplifying a show-control setup where one operator is controlling multiple consoles. Simply install TriggerPoint on the computer with the PowerPoint presentation, run it in the background, then configure your compatible lighting console or sound playback system to send supported commands to TriggerPoint in order to control your PowerPoint presentation.


Hardware: PC or Mac


Product Page: http://triggerpoint.irwdesign.com


Announcement supplied by: Ian Wilson (IRW)

Software Release: V1

Release Date: 05/03/2011



  • ASCII Control over a PowerPoint Presentation via a serial COM port
    • Lighting consoles such as the Strand 300, 500 and Palette series can output ASCII strings via macros and control TriggerPoint
    • Sound software such as Show Cue System can output ASCII strings and control TriggerPoint

    [*]Telnet control via TCP/IP

    • Software such as QLab can control TriggerPoint over a network using Telnet commands invoked by Applescript

    [*]TriggerPoint Lite version allows the following control of a PowerPoint presentation:

    • Go to next slide

    [*]TriggerPoint Professional version allows the following control of a PowerPoint presentation:

    • Go to first slide
    • Go to next slide
    • Go to previous slide
    • Go to last slide
    • Go to slide number

Link: http://triggerpoint.irwdesign.com

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Update: TriggerNode for TriggerPoint OS X or Windows is now also available.


TriggerNode can be used as a standalone control surface to control TriggerPoint (and therefore PowerPoint) over a network


To use TriggerNode, first start up TriggerPoint on the main presentation computer, select TCP/IP Input, then click the ‘Use TriggerNode’ button. You should now start TriggerNode on the remote computer. Note that TriggerNode does not need installing on the remote computer, simply pop it on CD or USB memory stick, and run it off that.


Once connected, you can use the First, Previous, Next and Last buttons as you would expect (as far as your TriggerPoint license allows). You can also configure TriggerNode to display up to 50 Goto slide buttons.


TriggerNode can be downloaded from the Software section of IRWDesign.com

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