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Going Pro...?

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I am due to finish university this summer well in the next few week actually. I have had it made very clear to me that I need to be multi skilled.... therefore this year I have taken it upon myself to learn about lighting. I have gotten into it in a big way. I already havea very good working knowlage of PA system.


I love working in the theatre and have really enjoyed the few project that I have done with the university theatre and arts society.

But like many others I dont know how to take the next step between the amature and the profesional market...I have operated a few boards manual and memroy Lx designed a few shows. so I have little experiance.

I feel that contacting companies on mass is not the way to go... and any thing marked with human resources, or I am a desperate student get put in the bin straight away.


How would you go about trying to get you first job.... it should also be born in mind that I am not your normal school leaver but soon to be graduating unversity with a degree at 25.


So in short help me I need a job! running flight case around will do so long as I am around the kit I love!

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Guest lightnix

It's the old Catch 22 situation: can't get work without experience, can't get experience without work :D

I feel that contacting companies on mass is not the way to go...
I would disagree (politely of course). Call them, all of them and find out who books warehouse crew. Send them your CV and call them once every fortnight / month or so to see what is what. You could also try local theatres for casual work and check out doing some local crewing to give you some solid professional (if poorly paid) experience. Check out the links in the Sheeperd site for plenty of places to begin.


All the best with it.

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Nix is right - the more people you hassle, the more chance you have of someone offering you some work.


The key is to target specific people - don't just send CVs to "Personnel" or "Human Resources" - find out who is reponsible for hiring crew, and bug them! Be prepared to do anything to start off with - coiling cables, loading trucks, etc. If you're willing and able, it'll be noticed and you'll make progress.


Good luck.

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