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Right, Xmas time which means my northern lights effect is out for Santa's grotto.

Fire up Image, and nothing happens, then the screen fills up with 9's. Restart and the same happens. Have to get other desk in. On getting home, I open the lid and remove the Bios Eprom chip (thankfully most of the chips are labeled, all dated 1988) and replace. Thing boots up, asking if I want to clear the memory, then all is well. As there are over 90 cues, looping around, it has been saved to disc, which loads and works fine. As this desk is only used for this effect every year, is there a way of bodging a switch in somewere so it can forget without opening and removing chips? I can't see a battery, there is a large black component on the back of the main PCB, but is labeled as C35 on the other side of the board.

Any ideas? (other than ditch it and get a frog, which is what I want to do!)

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