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Gobo Changer


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I am seriously thinking about how I would swap a number of gobos in a single lantern.


Would the best way be to use a gobo changer in a standard lantern such as a Source 4 zoom, if so can anyone suggest a product? I ask because the DHA gobo carousel has been withdrawn, and this would seem to be the ideal thing.


If a moving light were used, I would want to use one to swap gobos again, so the ability to use stock DHA / Apollo gobos would be required.


As I tend to light very small stages, a wide angle would be needed, 30-50 degrees to get the coverage, angles of this size seem to be the domain of high end moving lanterns.


I need to be able to use gobos that do not matter about rotation, but some (windows etc) would need to be projected the 'right way' up.


Am I asking too much for one lantern?

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A quick update. After searching with no luck to come up with a way to change gobos, I finally decided to abandon this idea, and have multiple lanterns each with one gobo, and drive these off a multidim dimmer to save using up channels at the venue.


Low tech, but it worked!

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