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Really need advice on where to start!


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I gather from your profile your a student so work experience would be a good start. Apply to the company and see where it get's you. The worst than can happen is they say no, so look some where else build up some w/e, make contacts etc.


Sorry if this is a bit general, but it is the best I can think off the top of my head!

Steve is right about spelling! How ever dull that may sound!



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Hello im interested in starting a career in stage production. I'd love to work for Northan Production Company, but dont know where to start? Please if anyone has any advice... please let me know. It will be much apppreciated :-)



I have just read the thread mentioned and can't agree more with the "attitude aspect" - technical skills can always be learned, but the most effective way of getting a good name for yourself and thus getting work is to be polite, punctual and not too proud to pop out to get fags and coffee for the established crew!


Even in London these things count for a lot , and its a pleasant surprise when you find someone who is young, keen and enthusiastic! (But please get the spelling and grammar right - it will make a far better first impression!)

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