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Strand Act 2 Dimmer spares

Hilary Watts

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Is anyone able to suggest a source for a replacement 60mm 1M linear slider potentiometer for a Strand Act 2 dimmer ? It must have a plastic body and tang for the control knob since the control circuitry is not isolated from the output and it is all at mains potential.


I've tried CPC, Farnell, Rapid, RS and Canford but without success. The original may have been manufactured by Radiohm but it seems that they are no longer in business.

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Just to say that I duly ordered the items from Awatronic. Unfortunately, although the online order process went through very smoothly and the funds were taken from my account, I haven't received any components and my orders (two separate ones) are now marked as 'cancelled' . I've tried contacting the company by phone and email but haven't been able to get a response and unfortunately, having searched on the web, I've found one or two similar stories.


The total amount involved is £33, so while it's annoying I don't propose to waste any more time on it and I'm not looking for advice on 'what to do next'. I am simply mentioning the situation so that if anybody looks at this thread in the future they are forewarned.


...and thanks anyway for the suggestion, Kevin - you were not to know of the way things would turn out!


Any other suggestions of a possible supplier?



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