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boundary mics revisited


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Hi all,


First post here.


From time to time I run sound for a local school for their end of year concerts etc. As you all may know, trying to pick up 4-12 yr olds is not an easy task. So I invested my money and bought 4 Samson CO2 condenser mics.


At the last concert, I set them up on stands at the stage apron. They worked OK, but thought they could be better. Its hard to know what height to set them at!


Is there a way of setting these mics up as boundary mics?


Where would I place them? Touching the stage floor slightly angled up, or a few inches above the stage floor. I once saw SM-57s used in boundary mode which worked quite well, but cant remember where they were placed exactly.


I am also short of an EQ. I only have a 7-band on my mixer which is limited when trying to reduce feedback.


Any comments..Thank you.


PS: The stage is roughly 4m long and 5m deep.

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Hi Dara,


Welcome to the Blue Room.


In order to make sensible suggestions of mic placement, it'd be useful to know more about the room size, where the speakers are and what sort they are, and what you are trying to reinforce.


From experience in primary/middle schools, I guess it's ensembles, flautists, solo vocalists, small groups etc.


Boundary mics are generally used for trying to pick up actors on a stage in larger venues (the actors being nearer to the mics than the speakers). Individual radio mics have now superceded them to an extent. Twenty years ago, theatres used to simulate a boundary mic by pointing a cardioid condenser mic (like your Samsons) down at 45 deg to the stage, with the end of the mic an inch from the floor. I seriously doubt it would be an improvement over your 'mics on stands' arrangement though.


A 7 band graphic need not be a handicap in getting a good sound providing you use it very judiciously. You won't be able to notch out specific feedback frequencies but it'll help a bit if there's a massive room resonance.


Let us know more about what you're working with.





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