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I was not too concerned with the pull angle on the eye bolts.


For the application you describe, this may not be an issue. However, at a Crosby training session last year, the facilitator stated that they provide a rating for shouldered eye bolts only in the plane of the eye. If the load is not in this plane, it has no rating associated with it. They said that obviously it has its inherent structural strength, but they would not put a figure on it - which has obvious implications. Unless you use packing shims, it's hard to get an eyebolt to line up properly on the side of a box.

Of course, you may be looking at a different manufacturer who does not apply this restriction.


I'm going by these: http://www.flints.co...k_Eyebolts.html (M6)


OK so my original figure was wrong, but still at 90 degrees the rating is 25% of 200kg. Massively reduced but still a factor of 12 worst case (both sides 90 degrees out sharing the load evenly).


Colin C


EDIT: Just noticed I'm on the wrong plane. D'oh! http://www.thecrosbygroup.com/html/en/pdf/pgs/172_173.pdf

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Ref #12


Well at least you got a response from Lee. Perhaps the single point fixing is to allow you to have surround sound...as the box slowly rotates in the light zephyrs wafting around the top of the space. Sorry, could not resist.


OK then, if Lee reads this forum then perhaps he might have another think and come back with some more info.


In all seriousness that kind of customer support does not inspire confidence.

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