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Rigging Training, Where should I go?

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I am interested on a personal level in getting some rigging training, just so I have the knowledge to back up any concerns I have at the place I work. I can happily say that I am not happy with something I see someone else do, and from that, I believe I am doing right, bur should they reply with knowledge I would like to be able to understand thier baffle to know if it is sound thinking or not.

Does that make sense?

The same way I as an LX have been know to baffle a person with science in the past, and know all the little ways round alot of things in my trade, I would like to know that what I and others are using and doing is safe.

If anyone can give me some pointers and ideas, and possibly rough costs it would be of massive help.

Thanks already I know this is the best place to ask.


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