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Welcome to the new look Blue Room


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Welcome to the new look Blue Room. It's been a busy day here in admin land, as we've performed no less than 4 software upgrades, moved from one server to another and transferred all the forum data across.


We hope you like the new look and feel here - we're pleased with how it's turned out. Although we have tested this offline, please let us know if you spot anything unusual over the next few days as we iron out anything we missed.


Please do take some time to explore the new features of the Blue Room, together with browsing our new Merchandise store, which is now open year around. Buying merchandise is just one way that you can help The Blue Room - we've also updated the donate button which takes you straight through to our donation centre for classified adverts and other donations. As we operate as a not for profit business, we rely on donations from members like you to keep the site going.


New features you'll be able to explore in the latest Blue Room include sharing topics with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, improved wiki links and a whole host of speed and reliability improvements. We're excited to launch this new upgrade, which brings the Blue Room up to date and ready for some further changes later this year.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Newman for all of his hard work in the transfer and upgrade of the site. His superb knowledge and attention to detail ensured that the move went smoothly with minimum down time.


Thank you also to all of our members - without you, the site would be nothing. We rely on you to keep discussing, contributing and building the site into the number one backstage resource.





Best wishes for 2011 from all of the Blue Room team.

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