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I know these are silly questions


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hello BR, I know these are silly questions, but I don't want to get it wrong! Basically I have 4 Ramsa Speakers, 2 x WS-A240 and 2 tops but I can't move them to find out model numbers! The sub's are 400w peak? So I'm guessing the tops are around that all four at 8ohms! I also have pro sound 200w amp from my last system whats been running them (please don't laugh :) ) I've now accuired a AB International Professional 8120B 1200w amp! My theory is this will be okay? 800w/Side? More than enough so I'll keep levels down? My question even though I think I answered it to my self is if this is correct? Also the Channel 1 Pot is making an AWFUL crackling noise suppoesdly from the previous owner! Would it simply be a case of striping it down and spraying some contact cleaner in or would I need to replace it? This goes for the same on my cheapy mixer the main mix (behringer xenyx 802 again don't laugh very small budget :D ) Sorry if thats a bit long winded but I though asking the pro's is my best bet :** laughs out loud **: Cheers Cam.
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4 Ramsa 2 x WS-A240

The sub's are 400w peak?

The Subs look like they are 400w continuos - so 400ish W RMS at 8 Ohm- have a look at the (rather confusing) manual for them http://service.us.panasonic.com/OPERMANPDF/WSA240.PDF


The AB International Professional 8120B gives you 500w at 8 Ohm per side if it runs as a stereo amp. http://www.abamps.com/pdfs/8120b.pdf


But has a built in X-over - so what you could do is parallel the two bass bins together (brining the resitance to 4 OHM) and put them one 1 channel of the amp, then use the other channel for your tops (again - paralleled together) this would only give you a mono system but unless you have an external crossover, this might be your best option. Bring the volume of the tops down to even out with the bass as you haven't stated the power handling of these.


For a noisy volume controller - yes it probably is just a dirty pot - so contact cleaner hopefully will clean it up...


Hope this helps...



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