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Magic-Q and WYSIWYG 22


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You will find that you need to renew your subscription in order to get any new Library items in WYSIWYG, that is what the subscriptions are for, new Library items are in the latest release of WYSIWYG. ;)


Your other option is to use a DMX capable device (WYG-it2, etc.) in order to get the DMX from the console to the WYG computer.


Andrew Read


Project SSSHH Incorporated

AWT, CSP and Dealers of the WYSIWYG Range of Products

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Its definitely on there - from the Live Tab, you need to go to Live, Device Manager, New, Consoles, Manufacturer, Chamsys, MagicQ; however to get them to talk you'll need the necessary drivers from Chamsys' download site...


Let me know if you need more help.



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