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Running Chamsys MagicQ on a Shuttle, All-in-one x50v2 touchscreen PC


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Indeed some specs would help: B-) Sorry about that...


FORM FACTOR Barebone All in One PC

PROCESSOR Intel Atom D510 Dual Core CPU

Codename: Pineview-D (1,66 GHz)


MEMORY (I will instal 2 gb)



VGA Intel GMA 3150 with a powerful 400MHz core

Dynamic Video Memory Technology(DVMT)4.0

Intel ClearVideo Technology



IEEE 802.3u 100Base-T specification compliant


Support Wake-On-LAN function


STORAGE INTERFACE Support 2.5" Hard Drive

(will install a 120gb 5400rpm HD)


POWER 40W Power Adapter

Input:100- 240V AC


LCD PANEL 15.6" 16:9 Wide Panel, 1366 x 768 pixels





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I don't know the specs of the PC you mention, but I'm running on a 1.6Ghz Atom Processor with 1GB RAM and I've not had a problem with it.


The desks themselves only run 1GHz Processors.




Do you do any pixelmapping!? I Can imagine that is a processor intensive task!?

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I don't but the desks themselves (MQ100 upwards) will happily do all of that on a 1GHz single core processor.


What OS are you planning to use? I'm running XP Pro.





Im planning to use XP pro to... B-) I just ordered one! Tnx for the info!

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My back up console is a maxi wing running on an Asus EEE Top PC. This has an Atom processor, a touch screen and runs Win XP.

Thanks to a pint landing on my console I had to use this system on a show that was running 12 universes of DMX over ArtNet and 2 outputs on the wing. Of those 12 outputs 10 were running Pixel mapped content over all 512 channels.


I experienced no problems at all with this set-up.


I'm sure your system will be fine, it's a similar spec to the EEE Top. Just remember to keep the computer dedicated to Magic Q and you'll be fine (you'd probably be OK with other programs installed and running I just wouldn't bother risking it myself).

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Tnx guys for all the feedback!!! <3


My laptop died a few weeks ago and I needed a reasonebly cheap alternative fast. I looked into running magicq on my MacBook pro mediaserver with the ipad running the Chamsys remote app and some touchscreen laptops (I love the executor window in combination with a touchscreen) But this system im buying is by far the most competitive in price and it has the advantage of dedicated hardware for the MagicQ software. And the best part is that I can instal the hd and ram from my previous laptop...! Yess, I'm Dutch B-)


I'm very happy! Thanks again!

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Remember there is a difference between VNC and remote desktop.... but that's getting into the random computer chat side of it all too much!


Although from MagicQ, you can remote control another instance of MagicQ over the network anyway if you have two PCs with MagicQ installed, rather than having to use a slow VNC client or similar.

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