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Mobile recording rig


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hey people!


I've decided it's time to streamline my rig (consisting of a digidesign 002 rack, a pair of 30 gig firewire drives and 4 additional fairlight pre-amps (to allow me to input 8 mics in at any time)


I now want to flightcase this stuff up, no problem!

But ideally I 2 cases: 1 with the gear and a small patch bay: allowing me to plug extra bits in without going round the back: this would ideally give me access to change where the extra Pre's go into the 002. This much I can do without to many issues.


Ideally I would also like to have a separate case: containing a breakout box and multi: allowing me to just run a single plugged multicore with all the inputs and returns.


My problem comes with spitting and joining signals: ie:


Mic --> multi --> patch bay --> either pre / 002.


Is it okay to have all the I/O wired into the patch bay (un normalled,) and just patch as needed?


Also, can someone give me some advice on bespoke multicore systems and which plugs I should be using ect...



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