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Low cost spec for dining hall - T-Amps and cheap white boxes?


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Evening all


I'm looking to spec a low-cost system for our dining hall - the amount of times I'm putting a PA system in there for a handheld mic and BGM warrants something. It's mostly BGM and wedding reception speeches - don't ask why they need a mic to speak to a room of 100 people, but it seems they do.


I'm looking at either one or two pairs of LD Systems SAT 62 white, powered by one of the cheap Thomann offerings - E400 is about the cheapest, or perhaps one of the switching amps? Not sure what the source will be yet - it'll need a CD player, and I'll probably put a couple of XLR ins for mics around the room, down to a single unit mixer or similar - or spec an amp with some mixer controls on there.


I'm wondering whether the SAT62s will have the bottom end required for BGM - I'd use the 82s but they aren't available in white as far as I can tell. Could use the Behringer 1Cs, or any other cheap white speaker up to around 10". Are there any odds between the low end Thomann amps as well, or is anything else a better alternative?

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