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2 way mirrors?


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Sorry if this is the wrong topic to be posting in mods feel free to move it.


2 Way mirrors, has anyone tried them, the ones where they are like glass but when light is applied its changes to a mirror.


I was thinking about possibly using this in an upcoming show were doing, Blood brothers, for the narrator as he is quite a ghostly character, and was thinking about a set up in either wings at the back with the back drop behind the glass, and then the narrator positioned offstage in the wings with a black cloth behind him, so looking normally all there would be is 2 panes of glass on stage and behind that is the backdrop and then a light shift and you see a narrator appear.


First of all how would I do this, lights wise and positioning of the set and "mirrors" these would be either side of the stage so for both wings.


Has anyone tried this idea and has it worked, can someone please give me some advice on how to do this effect.


Lights arent an issue as we have a budget and can hire them in.


Thanks in advance :)



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I think I probly would want to use Gauze or Scrim for this effect, rather then a mirror.
A proper mirror could be a PITA, as you will get lots of reflections that the punters might find uncomfortable / distracting. Gauze may well be a better bet.
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I third the idea of gauze - mirrors on stage, unless VERY carefully placed and lit, can cause you more trouble than they're worth. I did a show at drama school where I had four giant mirrors hung at crazy angles behind the set - it in a black box and was reverse in-the-round, with the audience in the middle and the action happening around them - and while it meant we had the capability to create some fantastic effects, it made for a tricky production week as we figured out how to light the actors without lighting the mirrors. Focusing was a nightmare - I had to cover the mirrors up as I was getting real beams, reflected beams and then reflections of the reflections - impossible! Gauze will give you the effect you are after without causing any of the problems!
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