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Advice on microphones for use with a camera


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I would be grateful for advice on the purchasing of microphone/s for recording stage sound for shows.




-I have a sound desk for them to go through (soundcraft spirit)

-Recording currently into 3.5mm on the camera, although often using USB interface when I can lay my hands on one.

-Budget around £300 but preferably less. Could go higher too (not helpful I know, but it will only affect when I get them.)

-Mics need to be flexible enough to be used on tall floor stands or from LX grid, although always FOH at distances of between 5 and 8M from the stage.


I am not experienced in this area at all so any pointers on further reading. My background in Lighting with some live sound, not using O/H or any sort of distance mic-ing.





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The usual method that works well, if you don't have access to the sound desk, is boundary mics on the stage edge, as has been talked about for PA purposes - for recording they are great. Many people are now using separate recorders like the Zooms and Edirols, and either recording from external boundary mics, or even putting them on a stand centre and using the inbuilt mics which are pretty good anyway. getting audio back to the camera is tricky - and as if they have 3.5mm sockets they aren't balanced inputs often means plenty of hums and buzzes in a theatrical venue. Record the camera sound and then use this for syncing the other recording when you edit. Ideally some of your mics PLUS the feed from the mixer is the best collection of sources. If you attempt to record clean dialogue at a distance it sounds pretty horrible unless you can get close in, or maybe have access to the radio mics (if they're in use).
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Is there a reliable and suitable boundary for around the budget?


Looking on CPC there seem to be many at around 30/40 pounds, but what are the specs I should be looking at to compare them?


Also, is it worth having something overhead to work in shows where the actors move into the auditorium etc, and to avoid dancing noise?

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