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Transcension dimmer pulsing


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I have just acquired a used Transcension Performer 4ch shoe box dimmer and it is pulsing on all channels - especially noticeable at low settings. Has anyone repaired these before and, if so, where is the best place to start looking on the circuit board? Which components are most likely to be the culprits?


Also, the top segment of several of the LED display digits are stuck on - this is less of a problem than the pulsing but I wondered whether this is fixable too?


Many thanks

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Quite possibly related. It sounds like a stuck or floating data line / port select from the micro. It may be something as simple as a dry joint on the pcb, (lead free solder syndrome??) or as nasty as a failed micro I/O pin.


Do a blanket resolder, reseat any socketed ICs, inspect for lifted pcb tracks and check the PSU electrolytics. Make sure no-one has spilt beer into it, you will know whether or not this is likely if you've owned it from new!

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