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Running RCF Art 525's

The Big Monster

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I've just bought a pair of RCF Art 525's (as the title would suggest) and have been running them on full whilst controlling input levels from the desk (a Dynacord). It was suggested to me, (by someone who I have always considered to be pretty clued up on such things) that I run the speakers at 12 o'clock because this will stop me overworking the speakers, thereby prolonging their life expectancy. Thich goes against everything I have ever learned about using amps.


Is there something I'm missing here; is my friend's advice misguided or do I have to go back to the rulebook and look at the smallprint?


I'm confuddled. :wall:

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What I tend to do with our RCF's (Art 3 series I think they are) is get some program material on running at 0db on the output faders (so a good strong level) and then put the gains on the back of the speakers to where I would like the show volume. I then add maybe one or two notches. This gives me a good amount of headroom whilst staying back from the point at which the amps in the back go into protection. This has always worked for me in the past, and usually I can easily tweak it a bit if I need more juice






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