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Audio Cue Download Problems


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Announcement supplied by: Karl

Software release: v 1.2

Release date: 01/11/2010


Link: http://theatrefreeware.website.orange.co.uk

When I go to your site and go to the auto page and click on download, I get a window to choose where I want to save the file and then I just get this on the screen and I cant find the file where I saved it.


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Could be something to do with the browser - you seem to be using Opera.


Unfortunately I had to use Orange's web building tool which creates some fancy dynamic site rather than good old HTML. The result seems to be that it doesn't work terribly reliably on non IE browsers. In Firefox the first time you click the icon nothing happens, click a second time and it offers you the choice of where to save the file and then downloads it.


You really wouldn't think it could be so hard to make some software available. I'm beginning to think I might just give it up as a bad job! I draw the line at paying about £100 a year for hosting just so I can give something away for free :rolleyes:.

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Hi Karl, yes I have had problems downloading things with opera before now so I will try firefox. Thank you for your help.


Does it cost anything to host the sofware at the moment with that 'website.orange.co.uk'? I know that before you had your own site which I guess that you had to pay for but do you still have to now?


And also, the download link on the 'Auto Cue' page is for 1.1 and not the 1.2 version. Am I doing something wrong? I have tried uninstalling the version I currently use and reinstalling with the download of '1.2' but it is still the 1.1

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