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Old Digidesign Interface


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Hi there guys,


While routing round in a bunch of old mac computers to be skipped, I found one equiped with a quite old digidesign interface.


I don't have very many details unfortunately.

It is a digidesign 4 chanel input output interface, which I believe is connected to a sound accelerator II card via a 50 pin interface cable.


It is currently installed in an apple quadra 650 machine with too small a hard disk drive to be of any use! If I could transfer it to a newer machine it'd be great!


It has The sound designer II audio editing software already installed but I only have the manual for the software and not much information on the interface itself and no original software disks.


Any ideas and info is much appreciated, as it is a good enough quality unit for my project studio if I could just get it connected to something with a larger hard drive.




Thanks in advance



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