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I need to hire a sampler

James C

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Anyone know where? Tried the usual theatrical suppliers to no avail (though thanks to 10outof10 who could at least point me in the direction of someone who might), and John Henry don't stock it. Any ideas?


And there's really no point in asking me why it has to be that particular model, or suggesting alternatives - I'm just the guy charged with finding one and deciding if we can afford it. As far as features are concerned, I'm aware that it's black with buttons and lights on, but that's as much as I understand about it, and am willing to be corrected on these points too!

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I suspect you might be hard pressed. Checking Turnkey reveals that the only hardware samplers they are selling are the Akai Z4 and Z8 with E-mu products being upgrade or software parts only.

E-mu are pushing their software based sampler (Emulator) and don't seem to mention any hardware samplers


You best bet is probably to searching the Sound On Sound website or asking on the forums over there with all the muso folk


Good luck

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You could try Fx Rentals they stock studio gear I've used them quite a few times I don't no if they have them in stock or not but I'm sure they could point you in the right direction.


Also try STS Touring theys stock backline etc maybe they'd have them 0161 273 5984 thats who I use for backline hire maybe they carry samplers.


Hope I'm not totaly out with those



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