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Sanyo XP cleaning


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I have a number of older XP series projectors (56/55) - they are all in need of a clean as they have developed the classic dirt spots and colour issues. Normally I get QED to service my Sanyo projectors, they provide an excellent service that I totally recommend but cannot afford for such old machines.


Other than DIY does anyone have any suggestions for more affordable cleaning / service options? Failing that any cunning tips to use if I do try and do them myself?

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Well - been watching Panasonic clean my projectors out here in Shanghai - have the DZ12000 projectors.


They came and cleaned ours for us thoroughly - amazingly all they used was a tiny little oversized hairdryer / undersized garden blower with a nice little rubber end on it to not damage the optics set. . . .


that was it. . . !


scary - but did clean it!


Only advice - make sure its not on hot!

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TP Matrix { look it up} in Oldman regularly clean xp range units for us, from memory they charge just less than the ton for it, and they offer a free evaluation service, and will send a quote so you know exactly what they are charging. however this takes time and we normally just say that we know whats needed, bash on and clean it please...



the xp units apparently can be cleaned in around an hour, unlike our xf units which is a five hour job , so every time a df50 and our projectors meet, it costs about three hundred quid...

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I do the XP / xf Range of optical cleaning - a proper clean ( XP Range) takes approx 4 hours. The clean includes a complete dismantle of lcd optical prism filters ( not panels), then the lcd panels + optical filters cleaned + all mirrors and Fans cleaned.


With the XF Range 45/46/47 - these take approx 8 hours and I normally end up stripping the complete optical tunnel out and cleaning all air ducts and fans (approx 13 fans in total) - Most of these bigger projectors are used in a studio environment and normally collect oil from smoke machines. Its very important to clean all these fans and ducts as the oil settles on these and can splash old oil over the cleaned panels .



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I have cleaned quite a few Sanyo Projectors myself, from the XU range through to the XF range.


The larger the projector the less fiddly the job!

If you attempt this, the main issue you will have is that the optic channel is under the main circuit board so this needs to be removed first.


Service manuals are available (at a cost) on-line if you get stuck putting a projector back together.


I would only recommend this unless you are fairly confident fixing kit.



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