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Purchase of stage blocks


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I have been given the task of finding some new stage blocks to replace the old ones we have currently. At the moment we have some wooden risers with wood tops for them and are (I think) 200x100x60 or similar size. I have looked online and found some blocks that are expandable metal frames with metal carpeted tops in the same size for about £400 per block. Obviously I want to lower cost as much as possible so if you know of any places to contact then this would be much appreciated.


Matt White


HBDS Technical Manager

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My school's theatre uses Audience Systems. They're wooden tops, supplied painted black, on height-adjustable X-frames. Size sounds about the same. Not sure if they're available on their own though, I'm pretty sure the school bought a package or something, bout 15 staging blocks, 3 sets of raked seating (pushes into wall) and a scaff tower...
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