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PASMA training course in Edinburgh - Tue 31st Aug

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We're running a PASMA training course – alloy access tower build / assembly etc - ( http://www.pasma.co.uk/public/about.jsp ) at our Edinburgh premises on Tuesday 31st August, and have 3 places still available. Anyone interested in this at all? The normal cost is £145 + Vat per person – as we're doing it as a group we can get it for £100 + vat per person.




If anyone is interested please come back to me ASAP on this, drop me an email at: ken.robertson@mcl-av.com Open to freelancers, full time AV techs from other companies and anyone else with £100 + Vat to cover the costs. It should be a full day course - we'll supply tea, coffee & probably a biscuit or two.


All the best.

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