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WYSIWYG Sales & Training from London Light

London Light

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London Light Production Services is pleased to announce two new additions to its range of wysiwyg services.


Firstly London Light is now able to supply the full range of wysiwyg products to end users at competitive prices - the products on offer range from Wysiwyg Learn through to Wysiwyg Perform, and include hardware items such as the WYG-It 2 DMX interface and pipe tape printers. London Light would be pleased to provide any prospective wysiwyg owners with free advice and demonstration on any product, and are also able to supply cost-effective wysiwyg upgrades and subscription renewals.


The second new service from London Light is the introduction of its Authorised Wysiwyg Trainer status. As an AWT, London Light can provide training courses that have been approved by Cast Lighting and are offered to delegates on a one-to-one or small group basis, either at the client's premises or at London Light's own offices.


"These exciting new services complement our existing Certified Service Provider status to make us a single source for any user's wysiwyg requirements.", comments David Buffham, London Light's CAD manager. "From providing advice on a user's initial purchase, through training, subscription renewals and upgrades, to advanced CSP services including large-format plan printing, rendering and animations, London Light is there to help all users make the most from their investment."


All London Light staff members are lighting designers and understand the requirements of professional clients. Therefore London Light is well suited to helping designers concentrate on the design with the assistance of their wysiwyg tool, rather than being held back or distracted by the technology.


London Light may be contacted by email at info@london-light.com or by phone on +44 (0) 208 943 0902

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