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Consultation on industry standards

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Concerned about the shape of training for technical theatre in the UK?

Want to have a say in the shape of future qualifications?


Click on the following link and have your say before the end of August:




For those who want to know more, read on (and apologises in advance for the alphabet soup)


Creative and Cultural Skills (CCSKills) are the organisation who have a remit to oversee the provision and content of skills training and qualifications within our sector – the National Skills Academy is the body that will actually provide that training for those who have heard of it.


The major project for CCSkills in this financial year is to revisit the current National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Technical Theatre and bring them into line with current UK guidance.

The NOS are the basis for ALL qualifications in Technical Theatre – they aren’t the actual qualifications but are the parts that any training will be tasked with providing and being assessed against.

There are draft standards for all disciplines within Technical Theatre and a working group of industry professional from a mix of theatres and trade bodies is involved on behalf of CCSkills.


The draft NOS are currently up for review until 31st August – the areas of Lighting, Sound, Stage Management, Carpentry, Stage Skills and Hair, Make-Up and Wardrobe are currently available for viewing. Rigging, Video and Automation will follow later in the year.


Each area is divided into skills groups which then each have more detailed information available. There’s a simple feedback form to fill in and return to the address detailed on the link.


This is likely to be the only time that the NOS for Technical Theatre are reviewed for many years so it’s in all our interests to make sure that these are right – both for new students and for those already in the industry undergoing professional development.


There is more information on the webpage or ask your questions here and I'll root out the answers for you - or point you in the right direction to get them answered.


I do encourage any UK based theatre worker to take part.


Thanks for reading

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Sorry for the consecutive post but there are a couple of updates to my post:


Firstly, the consultation period has been extended until 30th September so even the summer holidays are no excuse for not having a look.


Secondly, the feedback form has been replaced by a short online survey. If you have previously sent in a feedback form, the details have been stored so there is no need to re-submit.


Thanks again for your participation



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