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Lighting Handbook for iPhone

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Announcement supplied by: Andrew Derrington

Software release: V1.3

Release date: 30/07/10


Link: http://www.aderrington.co.uk/Lighting/Lighting_Handbook.html


New Features:

• Increase in manufacturers to 31!!

• Over 500 fixtures/Consoles/Effects.

• A redesigned detail view.

• 2 New settings - Ability to automatically save manuals when viewed and ability to view power consumption in Amps.

• iOS4 multitasking support.

• Now after you've downloaded a manual, the detail page for that fixture will have a small green tick on the manual button, this means you've downoaded the manual and that it will load from the device and not from the internet again.

• Lighting Links within the general information section provide links to popular web-sites and forums as well as the blog for Lighting Handbook.

• Most consoles now also have a quick start guide.

• You can add your own manuals via iTunes.


General Information about Lighting Handbook:

Lighting Handbook is a tool for all theatre, corporate and event technicians.

It displays information on over 500 moving lights, Dimmers, Conventional fixtures & effects:



*Power Consumption

*Data Connection types

*Light Output (According to manufactures manual)

*Colour wheels/Mixing

*Gobo Wheels

*How many DMX Channels and in what mode

*Beam Size

*Lamp type


Dimmer Info:


*Mains connectors

*Mains out?

*Data Connectors

*Dimmer connections

*Max Channel count

*Max Channel current

*Max current per phase



*Channel to phase info

*Any additional feature


If your device is connected to the internet, the manual is then available for viewing right within the app. You can now also store manuals for offline viewing.


One other feature is the Pinout diagrams for the most popular data and power connections:



*DMX (3 & 5 Pin)

*4 Pin - Scroller cable

*RJ-45 (Ethernet)

*DMX Terminators

*Avolites Download cable

*Martin DMX - RJ-45



More features will be available in the next version, as well as more manufacturers!


Current manufacturers are:

•Apollo Design Technology



•Chauvet (Pro only currently)









•High End



•JB Lighting


•Light Processor

•Look Solutions





•Robert Juliat




•Studio Due


•Vari Lite

•Zero 88


If you have a specific manufacturer or light you'd like including, please e-mail me and I'll try and include it in the next update.

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